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Astronomy (MSc)


Are you interested in taking up an extra challenge during your Astronomy master’s programme? Have you thought about applying for our Summer School programme or are you interested in developing your personal leadership style?

Master Honours Education

Are you a curious and motivated master’s student? The Honours Academy of Leiden University offers various kinds of extracurricular education, ranging from long-running programmes to short-term courses. 

Leiden Leadership Programme

Are you interested in a leadership challenge? Join the Leiden Leadership Programme (LLP). This one-year programme will equip you with the leadership knowledge, insights and skills you need to increase your societal impact. You further your personal development through trainings, seminars and a practical assignment within an organisation, in which you learn to cooperate intensively with other professionals. With the LLP, you earn 15 EC in addition to your regular master's degree.

Master Honours Classes

Would you like to further develop your academic skills and societal awareness? Join one of our Master Honours Classes. In a small-scale, interdisciplinary course, you will tackle a complex issue. You will learn about the latest scientific insights concerning the topic and cooperate in a practical setting, together with students from many different backgrounds. There are Master Honours Classes on offer for 5 or 10 EC. 

Impact Challenges

Are you looking for a practical challenge alongside your studies? Take on an Impact Challenge. Together with a multidisciplinary group of fellow students, you will tackle a real-life problem proposed by a partner organisation, such as a company, NGO or municipality. There are Impact Challenges on offer for 5 or 10 EC. 

Summer School

The Leiden/ESA Astrophysics Programme for Summer Students (LEAPS) is an opportunity for students with an interest in astronomy and astrophysics to perform a 10 - 12 week summer research project in collaboration with a research scientist from Leiden Observatory or ESA. If you are interested in the Astronomy master’s programme, taking this summer course is a good opportunity to get acquainted with the educational and research opportunities within the institute. Read more

Study abroad

Gain international experience by taking courses or perform your Master’s Research Project at a university abroad. Leiden Observatory has many international contacts and the institute is setting up exchange collaborations with universities in the United Kingdom, Poland and China.

Extra internship

Explore the world outside academia without missing out on any research in an extracurricular business internship within a company. You can also take the opportunity to perform an extra astronomy research internship at another university in the world.

Teaching assistant

We encourage you to support our teaching activities as a paid student teaching assistant. You will assist our lecturers in organising courses, practical classes and excursions for Astronomy bachelor’s students. As a teaching assistant, you gain valuable experience to add to your resume. Also, it is a unique opportunity to get more familiar with the staff.

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