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Museum Studies (MA)


Get the most out of your studies at Leiden University by taking part in our extracurricular activities.


Our student body is a close-knit community that includes students from all over the world. Throughout the year, activities are organised by both the programme and the Centre for the Arts in Society (LUCAS) that ensure this community continues to grow and thrive. Examples include:

  • Field trips related to research seminars
  • Guest lectures by leading experts
  • Leiden Global lectures
  • Museum Talks

Teaching generally takes the form of seminars and tutorials, with debates and discussions of the subject matter a key teaching tool. With classes kept deliberately small, regular and direct contact with lecturers and fellow students is part and parcel of learning at Leiden. You will soon know everyone by name, and they will know you. A personal mentor is assigned to you at the beginning of the programme to provide one-on-one academic support and advice throughout your studies.

Study abroad

Interested in adventuring further afield? At Leiden, you have the option to study for part of your Arts and Culture degree at one of our many partner institutes around the world. The International Office of the Faculty of Humanities can help you arrange a semester at another university for a taste of another Dutch city or a whole new culture, country, and continent.

Master Honours Education

Are you a curious and motivated master’s student? The Honours Academy of Leiden University offers various kinds of extracurricular education, ranging from long-running programmes to short-term courses. 

Leiden Leadership Programme

Are you interested in a leadership challenge? Join the Leiden Leadership Programme (LLP). This one-year programme will equip you with the leadership knowledge, insights and skills you need to increase your societal impact. You further your personal development through trainings, seminars and a practical assignment within an organisation, in which you learn to cooperate intensively with other professionals. With the LLP, you earn 15 EC in addition to your regular master's degree.

Master Honours Classes & Challenges

Would you like to further develop your academic skills and societal awareness? Join one of our Master Honours Classes & Challenges. In a small-scale, interdisciplinary course, you will tackle a complex issue for society or for a specific partner organisation. You will learn about the latest scientific insights concerning the topic and cooperate in a practical setting, together with students from many different backgrounds. There are Master Honours Classes on offer for 5 or 10 EC. 

Study at the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts

The Academy of the Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA) is a research institute and part of the Faculty of Humanities. The ACPA offers education such as electives, and talent programmes such as the Practicum Artium (PA), which gives you the opportunity to study photography, graphic design or drawing, and the Practicum Musicae at the Royal Conservatoire The Hague, where you can study classical music, singing, early music or jazz. 
Find out more about ACPA.

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