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Humanities Buddy Programme

Are you about to move to Leiden or The Hague to study at one of Leiden University’s master programmes? It is not unusual to be a bit anxious. We want to help! The Humanities Buddy Programme has been set up to help you along the way.

To welcome you and help you get used to student life at Leiden University, The Humanities Faculty has set up the Humanities Master’s Buddy Programme. When you join the Buddy Programme you will be matched with an experienced student and be able to attend fun monthly activities. In the Humanities Buddy Programme you will be introduced to the university, student life and Dutch society. 

Read more about the Humanities Buddy programme in our online flyer


The Humanities Buddy Programme organizes activities that are either cultural or social. This way you will be able to experience all Leiden and the Hague have to offer and will be able to make friends with other new students in the programme. You can expect activities such as a boat tour, a museum visit, celebrating Dutch and local holidays and of course social drinks. Many of the activities are free.

Get a Buddy

When you join the Humanities Buddy Programme you will be assigned a buddy and added to a buddy group with other new students. Your buddy will help you out with any practical or academic questions you may have and will be there to support you. You will be given a buddy and buddy group before the semester starts to help you get settled. To get yourself a buddy please fill out this form.

Become a Buddy

Already a student at Leiden University? You can still join! As a buddy you will be able to meet people from all over the world! Sign up via this link and the Buddy Programme Coordinator will get in touch with you.

Any questions? Want to know more?

Please contact the coordinator of the Buddy Programme!

Send an email

'I participated in the Humanities Buddy Program both semesters of my master’s, first as a student and then as a Buddy. As a student, it was nice having a fellow student as a point of contact for practical things about living in Leiden. I was lucky enough to make a lasting friendship with someone in my group! As a Buddy, I had the opportunity to help other students by sharing my own experiences. I know they enjoyed the various activities and it was great to be a part of that with them and the bigger body of Buddy Groups that we got to hang out while doing fun stuff!'

- Carolina, participant and Buddy

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