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Tax Law (LL.B.)

Paying tax is one of the two certainties in life, so tax law is certainly relevant in society. The bachelor’s programme 'Fiscaal Recht' sets you on the path to becoming a legal expert in this field of law.

Note: this Bachelor programme is only offered in Dutch

Do you like solving complex legal puzzles? Do you like analysing problems? If so, the bachelor’s programme Fiscaal recht is right for you. Definitely if you are interested in substance and have a feeling for languages. National and international legislation on the matter is complex. The level at Leiden is high, and so is the end result: you will leave with the best education in the field of tax law.

Why study 'Fiscaal recht' at Leiden University?

  • You receive not only a broad theoretical training,  but at Leiden we also pay attention to the dynamic and complex situation in practice.  
  • You can expand the Fiscaal Recht programme with optional courses and internships, for example a foreign language course: all in your specific field of interest.
  • After completing your bachelor’s degree you will have direct access to more in-depth or  broad master’s degree programmes, where our international network can provide opportunities for gaining experience.

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