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Molecular Biotechnology

Is this the right minor for you?

The global biotechnology industry enjoys more success and influence than ever before. Their innovations continue to improve the lives of people worldwide. Industrial biotechnology uses biological systems to produce, among others, antibiotics, pharmaceuticals, anti-tumor agents, anti-clotting factors, antibodies, but also food additives and biofuels. This minor provides a comprehensive overview of the fascinating field of biotechnology. The discovery, exploitation and commercialization of some of our best natural products will be discussed including legal aspects of patenting. The students will familiarize themselves with the biotechnology-oriented research that is carried out at our University and in the Leiden Bioscience Park. In the minor, students will bring their theoretical background into practice by writing an extensive project proposal aimed at solving a biotechnology-oriented problem, and thinking about possibilities to create a start-up. This minor provides a sound basis for students interested in a future in the field of biotechnology.

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