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Violence Studies

Admission and application

This minor is developed for third year students and is only accessible for bachelor students who have obtained their ‘propedeuse’, we are sorry to tell you HBO students cannot apply.

Registration opens on a first come, first serve policy, via usis on Monday 2 May 2020, starting at 13:00 hrs. (CEST)  untill Friday 15 July 23:59 hrs (CEST). 

Students from Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam can register via their own university. 

For questions about applying, contact 071 – 527 1111 or studielijn@leidenuniv.nl.

This minor is a consistent package of courses designed to help you build your knowledge in a logical and connected way. It is not possible to follow single courses and the minor needs to be completed in one academic year. If you have previously followed one or both electives offered in 2021-2022, please contact the coordinator well in advance. It is possible to register for a 15 EC semi-minor consisting of two of the four courses offered.

Single courses

It is not possible to follow single courses of this minor. You need to be enrolled in uSis for the minor to be accepted to the other courses. There are 180 (+ 20 international students) places open for registration, on a first come first serve basis, where Leiden University students are given priority.

This course is also open for inbound exchange students if they wish to take the entire minor Violence Studies; it is not possible to take single courses from this minor. Exchange students must be admitted by the FGGA International Office prior to the start of the minor; priority will be given to direct exchange partners of FGGA. For more information about the application procedure for exchange students, please contact the FGGA International Office at international@fgga.leidenuniv.nl.

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