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Human Evolution

This multidisciplinary minor provides students with knowledge on how and why humans became the way they are. The minor focuses on the evolution of the species Homo sapiens from other hominin lineages and animal ancestors, and on the various factors shaping this process. Not only is human evolution of great intrinsic interest; it also has important implications for understanding our culture, behaviour and disease. The minor is taught by a range of experts from Biology, Archeology, LUMC, Social Sciences and Humanities. A prominent first goal of this minor is to let students experience and practice interdisciplinary collaboration.

Is this the right minor for you?

The minor is accessible to all students, but the emphasis on biological and medical topics requires a quick understanding of molecular genetics, physiology and epidemiology. An online test is available to give interested students an idea of the level of the courses. 
The aim is an equal mix of biology, archaeology and medicine students. All other students may be interviewed to evaluate their motivation.

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