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Computational Approaches to Disease, Signaling and Drug Targets

About this minor

Minor Structure

Since computational modelling approaches are increasingly important in disease and drug research, the first part of the minor focusses on modelling skills and computational thinking. In the second part of the minor students learn how disease- and drug-induced alterations in signaling pathways, as well as induced pluripotent stem cells, can be used for the discovery of new drug targets and the development of personalized drug treatments.

Course Description

Please see the E-prospectus.

Course Overview

Course EC
Part 1  
Introduction to Computational Thinking (ICT) 5
Computational Biomedical Research 5
Biomarkers 5
Cellular signal transduction 5
Functional Genomics: from Genotype to Phenotype 5

Students can choose one of the following options (NB max. 10 places for SCDR; Farmacotherapie is taught in Dutch only):

Course EC
Stem Cells in Drug Research 5
Farmacotherapie 6


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