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Public Administration: Multi-Level Governance

The public sector is increasingly a multi-level system, with interactions between public and private actors on the national, sub-national (provinces, regions) and international level and various public, semi-public and private organisations that perform public tasks. In this minor students pay attention to decision-making processes in and interactions between and within those levels and organisations.

Is this the right minor for you?

This minor is for third year Bachelor students who have a broad interest in the functioning and improvement of the public sector in all its facets. This necessitates attention for the interactions between public and private actors at various levels of governance, and requires an understanding of how research is conducted in public administration.
At the same time, students should be open to and get acquainted with multiple disciplines in order to be able to benefit from the insights other related academic disciplines offer for a better understanding of the functioning of the public sector. As such, this minor programme consists of courses that enable students to analyse complex governance problems in a national and international context.

Dr. Rik de Ruiter

Lecturer European Union Politics and Policy

Dr. Rik de Ruiter

“More than ever it is crucial for students interested in the functioning of government and governance to understand how the interaction between EU member states and EU institutions produces policy outcomes that affect every single citizen of the Union”

Students from a different discipline

We would like to point out that if you come from a different discipline, the transition could be hard and may require extra time and energy. Think of mastering a different way of doing research, examination and/or writing papers. If you are not sure whether this minor is for you, please contact the study advisors. This minor is not accessible for HBO students.

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