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Business Administration

About this minor

This minor is offered by the Department of Business Studies, affiliated with the Leiden Law School. Our department employs dedicated teachers from various disciplines, such as entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, organization, strategy and the behavioral sciences.

This minor focuses on strategic, financial and marketing issues that can arise within organizations. The minor distinguishes itself in didactics by paying attention to (academic) skills, interdisciplinarity and business knowledge, which are all important in your future career.

The interdisciplinary nature of this minor is visible through the diverse group of students and the wide range of subjects. In the seminars you apply knowledge to challenging business issues, for example in the field of entrepreneurship, marketing and change management.


The minor Business Administration consists of 6 courses of 5 EC. These courses cover 6 important business domains.

Given the structure of the program, the full minor of 30 EC is recommended. If a student has an elective space of 15 EC, the student must take the course Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice.

Courses Block 1 (Semester 1)

Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice (5 EC)

Recognizing entrepreneurial opportunities and having an innovative mindset are of utmost importance in our changing society and play, therefore, key roles in this course. This course also devotes attention to financing issues and aspects related to the exit side of entrepreneurship.

Marketing in the 21st Century (5 EC)

Marketing Management gives you an introduction to today's world of marketing. It discusses consumer behaviour and how companies can best respond to this.

Courses Block 2 (Semester 1)

Data Analytics (5 EC)

The field of data analytics plays an increasingly important role in business. With the help of large amounts of information (“big data”), companies try to arrive at informed decisions and insights. Students use simple tools to answer relevant business questions in an insightful way. 

Courses Block 3 (Semester 2)

Strategy (5 EC)

In this course students analyze the external environment of an organization based on strategic management models and understand how strategies arise and are developed further. The student will also be able to recognize strategic problems in a practical situation (case), analyze them and come up with solutions.

Corporate Finance (5 EC)

After following this course students will be able to solve investment and financing issues from different perspectives, with numerical underpinnings, without neglecting the underlying concepts.

Courses Block 4 (semester 2)

Turnaround and Business Rescue (5 EC)

When firms find themselves in a dire situation, some will eventually survive, while others will end up in bankruptcy. What are the critical factors of success in turning a company around and what are the pitfalls? What is the role of each individual stakeholder within this process? These and other questions will be addressed in this very topical course.

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