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Cyber Security Governance Essentials

About this minor

Course Overview

Course ECTS
Basic Programming in Python 6
Data Protection 6
Internet Governance 6
Introduction to Cyber Security 6
Essentials of Computing Systems 6


Why opt for this minor?

Cyberspace has become one of the backbones of our global economy and of modern-day societies. Almost everything we do in our everyday lives, ranging from communication and media consumption to travel and leisure and from work to school is facilitated by, or even relies on digital, networked technologies. Because of our dependence on cyberspace, it is vital that data, information, and networks are secure. Information and communications must be properly protected, networks must be stable, and data and information must be always available.

Minor Structure

The programme of the Cyber Security Governance Essentials minor consists of 5 courses for a total study load of at least 30 EC spread over two blocks in the Fall semester. All courses are taught in English. It is not possible to replace courses of the programme with other courses.

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