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Cultural Memory of War and Conflict

From Apartheid in South-Africa to 9/11 in the United States: there is not a single culture that is not shaped by the memory of war or conflict. The minor Cultural Memory of War and Conflict focuses on how such memory cultures influence and shape societies today.

How do these memories contribute to the construction of religious, national and transnational identities? How are they remembered, archived, mediated? You will learn to understand how governments, institutions, minority groups, survivors or artists create, repeat, manipulate or critique memory culture.

You will learn to analyze the dynamics of remembering and forgetting of major political, ethnic and religious conflicts with global ramifications. In papers and assignments you are stimulated to apply the theory and method to a case from your own background or field of study. This will help you develop skills that will be of value in for example a profession in international relations, law, politics, heritage, cultural transfer, education or media and journalism.

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