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Dutch Studies

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About the programme Dutch Studies

The best place to get to learn the Dutch language but also the culture, history and mindset of the Netherlands is, naturally, in the Netherlands itself. In the Netherlands, Leiden is the only place where international students can follow a full academic programme in Dutch Studies. Not only will you gain a very good command of the Dutch language, you will also gain insight into the historical and present-day society and culture of the Netherlands. The unique combination of Dutch Studies and your own native language makes you the ideal person to build intercultural connections after your study. Therefore graduated students often find employment in international organisations with Dutch connections; in governmental or NGOs or in Dutch educational programmes in their own country. 

Why Dutch Studies in Leiden?

  • Learn the Dutch language
  • Explore Dutch literature, linguists and (art) history
  • Acquire all the skills necessary to obtain a full understanding of Dutch culture and society

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