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Vision on Student Well-being

The University’s Vision on Student Well-Being outlines how the University plans to promote student well-being in the coming years.

The vision is based on the premise that the University not only supports students so that problems can be tackled at an early stage but also takes responsibility for creating a learning environment that fosters student well-being. This is an environment in which students who feel their well-being deteriorating are encouraged to take the initiative and if necessary, seek help. The teaching focuses attention on transferable skills such as reflection and resilience that enable students to monitor and improve their well-being. Study advisers, mentors, student counsellors and student psychologists also know what is expected of them in terms of student well-being and possess (or have access to) the knowledge required to support students or, if necessary, refer them to external support.

The Vision on Student Well-Being derives from the University Strategic Plan: Innovating and Connecting 2022-2027. One of the ambitions of this plan is to create a healthy, engaged and learning community. The objectives set out in this vision are based on the five principles of student well-being: awareness; prevention and early detection; a range of support services and psychosocial interventions; building expertise; and a sense of belonging and a safe study environment.

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