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Popular Music

This course examines how popular music is used as a tool for rebellion. Whether it be through the formation of a youth culture opposing ‘adult’ culture, or the development of a subculture, music genre or scene which emerges in resistance to the ‘status quo’, pop music – its artist, audience and industry – is intertwined with defiance.

While exploring issues of taste, identity formation, social and symbolic boundaries, counter and subcultural studies, social inequality and the music industry and the threats to it, students will gain a thorough understanding of the various facets of the realm of popular music. This course provides new insights into this cultural product that is so fundamental to everyday life, by intertwining current examples and case studies with key sociological theories.

Pop music: Selling rebellion will feature guest lectures by several music industry professionals and academic thinkers.

Teacher: Carlos Roos Muñoz

Selling rebellion

The aim of this course is to familiarise students with the history and social significance of popular music and the industry. Students will be encouraged to ask questions on how popular music has affected our cultures, identities and lives. Through engaging with existing theories on the nature of popular music as a commercial product, students will be assisted in the formation of their own critical opinions.

Planning of the meetings

The lectures will be on Tuesday in the afternoon. There will be a total of 8 meetings, including an excursion to Eurosonic Noorderslag.
Tuesday 8 January 2019, 15.00-17.00hrs;
Tuesday 15 January 2019, 15.00-17.00hrs;
Friday 18 January 2019, 9.30-20.00hrs; Excursion to Eurosonic Noorderslag, Groningen. Fee for excursion is included in the general fee.
Tuesday 22 January 2019,  15.00-17.00hrs;
Tuesday 29 January 2019, 15.00-17.00hrs;
Tuesday 5 February 2019,15.00-17.00hrs;
Tuesday 12 February 2019, 15.00-17.00hrs;
Friday 15 February 2019, 15.00-17.00hrs;

Credits, letter of intent, admission

Credits ‘Studielasturen (slu's)’
The credit value of active participation in the PRE-programme is 25 slu.

Letter of Intent (in English)
Use your letter to tell us about yourself and in particular why you would like to take part in this programme. Please restrict your letter, in English, to about 300 words or one page of A4.

The maximum number of students selected for the programme will be 30.


The deadline for signing up for a PRE-Class during the academic year of 2018-2019 has passed. After the summer break you can sign up for the PRE-Classes of 2020.

Contact and application link

Dhr.ir. R.T.W.L. Schneemann 

Application link 

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