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Xiaoqiang Meng

PhD candidate / contract

X. Meng MA
+31 71 527 2727

Xiaoqiang Meng is a PhD candidate / contract at the Institute for Area Studies.

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PHD research

A critical edition and study on a Mahāyāna Buddhist Sūtra text in light of diverse regional Buddhist textual traditions in multi-languages.

Supervisors: prof. dr. P.C. Bisschop and prof. dr. J.A. Silk


Sept. 2017—
July 2020:

National Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies, Fudan University, Shanghai: M.A. with distinction; Sanskrit Literature, Buddhist text and Manuscriptology.

Sept. 2013— July 2017:

Faculty of History, Nankai University, Tianjin: B.A. with distinction; Ancient Chinese History, Mongol-Yuan Dynasty, and Maritime Silk Road in 13-14 century.



Khyentse Foundation Award for Excellence in Buddhist Studies.


National Scholarship for Academic Excellence.


National Scholarship for Encouragement; University scholarship for one-month academic visiting in Soochow University, Taipei.


Meng, Xiaoqiang. “A Further Study on the Mongolian Naval Expedition to Java: With an Analysis on Qubilai’s Maritime Prohibition,” unpublished B.A. thesis, Tianjin, PRC: Nankai University, 2017.

Meng, Xiaoqiang. “Some Notes on the Mongolian Expedition to Java,” read on The International Conference on the “Master and the Classical Studies in China,” Feng Qiyong Academic Hall, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, Dec. 16-19, 2017.

Meng, Xiaoqiang. “A Critical Study of Nāgakumārāvadāna & Saṅgharakṣitāvadāna in Kṣemendra’s Bodhisattvāvadānakalpalatā,” unpublished M.A. thesis, Shanghai, PRC: Fudan University, 2020.

PhD candidate / contract

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Leiden Institute for Area Studies
  • SAS India en Tibet

Work address

Matthias de Vrieshof
Matthias de Vrieshof 3
2311 BZ Leiden


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