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Vincent Kolodziejak

PhD candidate / self funded

Drs. V.W.C.A. Kolodziejak
+31 71 527 2727

Vincent Kolodziejak is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Archaeology.

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My current research focuses on how changes in the organization of the production of sculpture in ancient Greece affected quality. As population numbers and wealth rose in the Late Archaic and Classical periods, and subsequently, demand for sculpture grew, the organization of the production of sculpture saw a clear professionalization in the form of or characterized by increased clustering, collaboration, specialization, etc., which all facilitated knowledge spillovers. The latter enabled sculptors to quickly adopt new innovations in their field and build upon the innovations of others, which caused the quality of sculptural production to go up (as preliminarily outlined in Kolodziejak 2020). In Late Antiquity, I argue, the decline in demand for sculpture reverted these developments. My research applies core concepts in economics pertaining to innovation (knowledge spillover, skill and cities, etc.) to Classical Greece and attempts to prove my thesis through quantification.

Curriculum vitae

- 2010-2013: BA in History at Radboud University Nijmegen
- 2013-2015: MA Eternal Rome at Radboud University Nijmegen
- 2015-2016: Assistant project manager and content creator at RomeinenNU
- 2016-2019: BA/MA in Art History at KU Leuven
- 2023: Started my PhD at Leiden University

'De opkomst van het naturalisme in Atheens sculptuur, 480-431 v.C. Vraag, knowledge spillover en innovatie' (The rise of naturalism in Athenian sculpture, 480-431 v.C. Demand, knowledge spillover and innovation), Tijdschrift voor Mediterrane Archeologie 63 (2020) 1-9.

PhD candidate / self funded

  • Faculteit Archeologie
  • World Archaeology
  • Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology
  • No relevant ancillary activities
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