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Vincent Icke

Professor emeritus of Theoretical Astronomy

Prof.dr. V. Icke
+31 71 527 5843

Vincent Icke is a Professor at the Leiden Observatory. In addition to his scientific work Icke is also actively involved in the popularization of science.

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Vincent Icke is Professor of theoretical Astronomy at Leiden University, and Professor of Cosmology at the University of Amsterdam. He studied theoretical Physics and Astronomy at Utrecht, and obtained his PhD at Leiden in 1972 with his thesis "Formation of galaxies inside clusters". He did postdoctoral research at the Universities of Sussex and Cambridge, and at the California Institute of Technology.

His interest in research is mainly on three topics. First cosmology: the origin of structure in the Universe and the influence of vacuumfluctuations on the dynamics of the Universe (the cosmological constant, or "Why does space weigh nothing?"). Secondly, the hydrodynamics of high energy and relativistic flows of gas around dying stars, compact objects such as planetary nebulae, supernovae and accretion disks. Thirdly, the radiation-hydrodynamics of cool gases where matter and radiation play a role, such as young stars and AGB stars.

In addition to his scientific work Icke is actively involved in the popularization of science. He writes regularly in the popular press, both daily and weekly newspapers and monthly magazines (Zenit, Nature Science & Technology, Dutch Journal of Physics), for many years he was a columnist for NRC / Handelsblad and he performs regularly as a guest on television programs such as RVU's, God bestaat niet, VARA's Nieuwslicht and De Wereld Draait Door.

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Professor emeritus of Theoretical Astronomy

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