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Ton Anbeek van der Meyden

Professor emeritus Dutch language and literature

Prof.dr. A.G.H. Anbeek van der Meyden
+31 71 527 2727

Contact information

Contact through LUCAS Office.

My inspiration

I must have been about thirteen or fourteen years old, when I purchased a pocket novel (Ooievaarspocket), entitled Losse Planken (Single Planks). It was a selection of works from a literary magazine unknown to me: Podium (Podium; hence the humorous title). I was baffled by what I read. A story by Hermans, in which he spoke of the 'metabolism' of a school building; a short story by Claus, about a boy and a girl, who re-enacted a movie they've just seen. In short, I was introduced to a way of seeing and experiencing things, that was completely unfamiliar to me.
That fascination with the movement, evoked by literary texts, has been with me ever since, and I do hope that I have been able to confer some of this fascination to my students.

Professor emeritus Dutch language and literature

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Centre for the Arts in Society
  • Moderne Nederlandse L&C


  • Willem Frederik Hermans Instituut Voorzitter van de Wetenschappelijke Raad van het Willem Frederik Hermans Instituut
  • Uitgeverij Wolters-Noordhoff Redacteur Lexion van Literaire Werken
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