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Qinggang Hao

PhD candidate

Q. Hao
+31 71 527 2336

Fields of interest

History and Philosophy of Science, Science and Religion, Science and Culture


My PhD program titled "Critical Comparison of Chinese and Western Conceptualizations of the Difference between Chinese and Western Science" is supervised by Dr. J.W.McAllister. From a comparative perspective, I examine the range of explanations that scholars in China and the West have offered for the disparity of development of natural science in China and the West, and their answers to the Needham Question. Based on a reflection on the comparative approaches that have been used in studies of history of science, I argue that a reflection on the keyword -"Science"- is essential in any comparative studies. The point I would like to make, in a methodological sense, is to emphasize how different views of science could lead us to various conclusions on the comparison between China and Western science. Cross-cultural comparisons without a clear view of the concept of science can be superficial, partial, or orderless. 


M.Sc in Philosophy, Beijing Normal University, 2011; GPA: 3.938/4.0
BA in Law, Shandong Normal University, 2008; GPA: 3.138/4.0

Key Publication

Science and Humanities Dialogue Strategy- On Prof. Vincent. Shen's " Stragification" Strategy (in Chinese). Collected paper of "The Second National Science and Technology of Philosophy and Cross-disciplinary Forum for Graduate Students". Beijing, 2008

PhD candidate

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