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Mengdi Zhu

PhD Candidate / Self Funded

M. Zhu MA
+31 71 527 2727

Mengdi Zhu is a lecturer and a PhD candidate at the Institute for Area Studies.

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Research Interests

My research interest lies in digital media and Chinese internet culture in general. Recently, I have
been focused on social media and multiplayer games as platforms for user interaction and public
discussion. I am interested in investigating the interplay between digital technologies and the
socio-cultural practices of humans.
My PhD project revolves around participatory culture and online activism on the Chinese social
media platform Weibo. In this project, I will try to understand the dynamics between various
actors including individual users, organisations, platform providers, and authorities under
entangled political-economic forces.

Supervisors: Dr. Florian Schneider and Dr. Svetlana Kharchenkova


09/2021: PhD candidate in Modern Chinese Studies, Institute for Area Studies, Leiden

09/2018-11/2019: Master in Digital Media, Culture and Education, University College London
Dissertation: Game culture and player participation: the case of mobile MMORPG Onmyoji

07/2017: Summer school programme in Global Communications, Citizens and Cultural Politics,
London School of Economics and Political Science

09/2016-07/2018: Bachelor in Digital Media Art, Communication University of China (double

09/2015: ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) student, with advanced
diploma in accounting and business

09/2014-07/2018: Bachelor in Economics (media economy), Communication University of China
Dissertation: An Empirical Study of the Impact of Release Date Differences on Box Office of
Imported Films in China

PhD Candidate / Self Funded

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Leiden Institute for Area Studies
  • SAS China

Work address

Matthias de Vrieshof
Matthias de Vrieshof 3
2311 BZ Leiden



  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Faculteitsbureau
  • International Studies

Work address

Schouwburgstraat 2
2511 VA The Hague


No relevant ancillary activities

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