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Max van Duijn

Assistant professor

Dr. M.J. van Duijn
+31 71 527 7903

Max van Duijn is a assistant professor at Media Technology, part of the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS).

More information about Max van Duijn

In 2018 I have co-founded the Creative Intelligence Lab (CIL) together with Tessa Verhoef. This lab brings together researchers from the cognitive and computer sciences who have a shared interest in the foundations of intelligence, both “in carbo” and “in silico”, and who recognise creativity and playfulness as key factors in scientific innovation. 

My background is in linguistics, literature, and cognitive science. My PhD thesis The Lazy Mindreader (Leiden and Oxford; defended 2016) studied multiple-order intentionality (A believes that B wants that C thinks...etc.) in relation to language and narrative. In my current research I continue to connect topics and methods from the sciences and humanities, focusing particularly on the links between socio-cognitive development and narrative competence in children. My work is published in English and Dutch, in scholarly as well as popular venues. 

In 2013 I have co-initiated the Fraternity Friendship Study (FFS), a currently running longitudinal investigation of friendship and social networks among European students, in collaboration with Prof Anna Rotkirch (Väestöliitto, Helsinki), Dr Tamas David-Barrett (University of Oxford), and Prof Robin Dunbar (University of Oxford). One of the areas of interest is mentalising in relation to social network formation. 

In June 2014 I was selected as a popular science blogger featured on the "Faces of Science"-webpage of the Dutch Royal Academy of Sciences (KNAW): www.kennislink.nl/facesofscience/wetenschappers/max-van-duijn--3

My personal website is www.mjvd.nl.

Assistant professor

  • Science
  • Leiden Inst. Advanced Computer Sciences

Work address

Niels Bohrweg 1
2333 CA Leiden
Room number 128



  • European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association (EHBEA) Penningmeester en lid dagelijks bestuur
  • Väestöliitto, Helsinki & SENRG, University of Oxford Onderzoeker/mede-initiatiefnemer
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