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Kimberly Kuiper

Clinical neuropsychologist

Dr. K.C. Kuiper
+31 71 527 6719

Short CV

After completing the research master ‘Developmental Psychopathology in Education and Child Studies’ at Leiden University in 2013, Kimberly worked for the ‘Preventief Interventie Team’ in which she employed preventive neuropsychological assessments with children and adolescents at risk for serious behavioral problems, in order to prevent criminal behavior at a later point in development.

Since January 2017 Kimberly holds the position as a PhD-candidate within the TRIXY project: Developmental risks of children born with an extra X- or Y-chromosome. She is, among other subjects, interested in their social development and emotion regulation skills. Furthermore, she works within the TRIXY Expertise Center and at the out-patient clinic of Leiden University and is currently following postmaster education to become a clinical neuropsychologist. Finally, she is a participant of the ‘TOP-klas’, an initiative in guiding excellent students to become scientist-practitioners.


Social skills, social cognition, emotion perception, emotion regulation, self-regulation, behavior problems, executive functioning, neuropsychology, development, language / communication, sex-chromosomal aneuploidies, Klinefelter’s syndrome, Trisomy X, aggression.

Clinical neuropsychologist

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  • Ambulatorium

Work address

Pieter de la Court
Wassenaarseweg 52
2333 AK Leiden
Room number 4.A23



  • RINO groep Docent in GZ-opleiding: neuropsychologische diagnostiek
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