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Kate Kirk

Senior programme leader

Dr. K.M. Kirk
+31 6 2889 4828

Kate Kirk is Programme Leader Diversity and Inclusion at the Leiden University Centre for Professional Learning (CPL). She has a PhD and more than a decade of experience in academic education and research. In her research she made use of multilevel analysis of migration and integration policies and ethnographic research among policy makers and immigrants. Prior to her arrival at CPL, she worked at the Erasmus University Rotterdam as project manager Diversity & Inclusivity for students and education. Her approach to issues in the field of Diversity & Inclusivity is based on the principles of compassion, connection, communication, and critical systemic reflection.

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Short CV

I acquired funding for both my PhD and post-doctoral projects and was able to combine these projects with intensive honors teaching for which I have consistently received excellent student evaluations. I am most proud of my efforts to inspired students and junior researchers to think critically and do their best work through rigorous and compassionate guidance. 


My research is characterized by multi-level interpretive analysis of migration and integration policies together with ethnographic research among policymakers and migrants. My goal is to understand both the meaning policies acquire during implementation and their impact on the migrant lives. My research is collaborative; stakeholders are involved in evaluating research findings.


  1. Ongelijkheid en Ontwikkeling in sociologisch perspectief
  2. Globalisation, Infrastructure, and Ideology
  3. Veld Werk NL: Integratie en Migratie in Groningen

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Senior programme leader

  • Faculty Governance and Global Affairs
  • Centre for Professional Learning

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Schouwburgstraat 2
2511 VA The Hague


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