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Kaixuan Pan

PhD candidate / guest

Dr. K. Pan
+31 71 527 2727

Kaixuan started his PhD research at Leiden University in September 2018.

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Professional experience

Kaixuan Pan received his BSc degree in Ecology at Northeast Normal University in 2015 and MSc degree in Ecology at Zhejiang University in 2018. Kaixuan mainly focused on the role of urban green space as endangered plant species conservation and ecosystem services it provides. He also performed another two projects. One is about mitigating the environmental impact of China‚Äôs ruminant consumption boom by global trade. The other is plant diversity decreases net global warming potential of constructed wetlands. He also contributed to the theory of urban ecology, human wellbeing, and sustainability.

Research topic

Kaixuan mainly explores the mechanism of how land use and climate change affect biodiversity, and how to sustain biodiversity, especially in human-modified landscapes. Specifically, he focuses on plant diversity at different spatial scales and across time and explain the diversity change based on a functional traits approach.

PhD candidate / guest

  • Science
  • Centrum voor Milieuwetenschappen Leiden
  • CML/Environmental Biology


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