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Jorrit Kelder

Senior Grant Advisor

Dr. J.M. Kelder
+31 71 527 2549

Jorrit is Senior Grant Advisor with the Grant Development Office, part of Strategic and Academic Affairs of Leiden University. Jorrit has thorough knowledge of all research grants available specifically for the Humanities and Social Sciences, with an expertise in private funding for these areas.

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The Grant Development Office focuses on the support for the acquisition of research funding. This involves on the one hand advice and support for researchers with their applications for research grants, and on the other hand strategic policy advice and lobbying both within and outside the university. 

The Grant Development Office
•    Gives one-to-one advice on the match between the funding opportunity, the researcher’s profile and research ideas,
•    Organises workshops and trainings on the acquisition of research funding,
•    Reviews proposals and for complex (multistakeholder) projects, coaches researchers through the process of shaping the research proposal Informs researchers and support staff at Leiden University about research funding opportunities, application processes and developments
•    Gives strategic advice on funding strategies and related developments.

The team issues a regular newsletter and provides information via the Research Support Portal website.

For more information or questions, contact our Grant Development Office.


Senior Grant Advisor

  • Bestuursbureau
  • Strategie en Academische Zaken
  • Strategie en Academische Zaken

Work address

Langegracht 70
2312NV Leiden
Room number A 1.32


  • Raad van Toezicht van het Teyler's Museum Wetenschappelijk Lid
  • Mondriaan Fonds Vaste Voorzitter van Beoordelingscommissies
  • Stiftung Luwian Studies Member of the Board
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