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Jeannette de Graaf

Assistant professor

Dr. J.M. de Graaf
+31 71 527 7051


Assistant professor

  • Wiskunde en Natuurwetenschappen
  • Leiden Inst. Advanced Computer Sciences

Work address

Niels Bohrweg 1
2333 CA Leiden
Room number 151


  • Graaf E.H. de, Graaf J.M. de & Kosters W.A. (2006), Using Consecutive Support for Genomic Profiling. In: M. Hilarion and C. Nédellec (Ed.) Data and Text Mining for Integrative Biology.. 16-27.conference paper: refereed
  • Graaf J.M. de, Menezes R.X. de, Boer J.M. & Kosters W.A. (2005), Frequent Itemsets for Genomic Profiling, Computational Life Sciences. In: Berthold M.R., Glen R., Diederichs K., Kohlbacher O., Fischer I. (Eds.) Computational Life Sciences, Proceedings of the First International Symposium (CompLife 2005).. 104-116.conference paper: refereed
  • Graaf J.M. de, Kosters W.A., Pijls W.A.M. & Popova V. (2002), A Theoretical and Practical Comparison of Depth First and FP-growth Implementations of Apriori. In: Blockeel, H., Denecker, M. (Eds.) Proc. of the Fourteenth Belgium-Nethlands Artificial Intelligence Conference.. 115-122.conference paper: refereed
  • Zuurmond A., Graaf J.M. de, Olsthoorn-Tieleman L.N., Duyl B.Y. van, Moehrle V.G., Jurnak F., Mesters J.R., Hilgenfeld R. & Kraal B. (2000), GE2270A-resistant mutations in elongation factor Tu allow productive aminoacyl-tRNA binding to EF-Tu.GTP.GE2270A complexes., JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 304(5): 995-1005.article in journal: refereed
  • Vorstenbosch E.L.H., Potapov A.P., Graaf J.M. de & Kraal B. (2000), The effect of mutations in EF-Tu on its affinity for tRNA as measured by two novel and independent methods of general applicability., Journal of Biochemical and Biophysical Methods 42: 1-14.article in journal: refereed
  • Zuurmond A.M., Olsthoorn-Tieleman L.N., Graaf J.M. de, Parmeggiani A. & Kraal B. (1999), Mutant EF-Tu species reveal novel features of the enacyloxin IIa inhibition on the ribosome., JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 294: 627-637.article in journal: refereed
  • Bäck T.H.W., Eiben A.E., Graaf J.M. de, Preuss M., Schippers C.A. & Taale H. (1998), Optimizing traffic light controllers with evolutionary algorithms. In: Zimmerman H.-J. (Ed.) Proceedings of the 6th European Congress on Intelligent Techniques and Soft Computing. Aken, Duitsland: Verlag Mainz. 1730-1734.book chapter
  • Bäck T.H.W., Graaf J.M. de, Kok J.N. & Kosters W.A. (1998), Theory of Genetic Algorithms, Nieuwsbrief van de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Theoretische Informatica 2: 27-35.article in journal: refereed

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