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Ineke van der Ham

Associate professor

Dr. C.J.M. van der Ham
+31 71 527 6746

Since 2015 she is an assistant professor neuropsychology at Leiden University.

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Ineke van der Ham obtained her Bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology at Erasmus University Rotterdam (2004). She continued her studies at Utrecht University where she obtained her Master’s degree in cognitive neuroscience (2006). In 2006 she started as a PhD student at the department of experiment psychology at Utrecht University. In 2009 she was a visiting research fellow at Harvard University. In 2010 she finished her dissertation entitled: Thinking left and right, neurocognitive studies on spatial relation processing (cum laude). In 2010-2015 she was employed as an assistant professor neuropsychology at Utrecht university. Since 2015 she is an assistant professor neuropsychology at Leiden University.                      

Please visit www.inekevanderham.com for an up-to-date CV.

Navigation Skills Training

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Ineke van der Ham's main research interest is spatial cognition. In her PhD work she mainly focused on spatial perception and working memory and the hemispheric lateralization patterns typically found in spatial relation processing. Currently, she focuses mainly on the neuropsychology of navigation ability. She finds navigation impairment particularly interesting and important, as many neuropsychological patients suffer from this condition, yet very little diagnostic and treatment tools are currently in use. She is developing such tools, making use of virtual reality and serious gaming techniques.


  • Coordinator internship clinical neuropsychology
  • Coordinator Intervention Strategies in Clinical Neuropsychology
  • Supervisor internship clinical neuropsychology
  • Supervisor thesis clinical neuropsychology
  • Supervisor bachelorthesis psychology
  • Lecturer in Clinical Neuropsychology (BSc)
  • Lecturer in Intervention Strategies in Clinical Neuropsychology (MSc)
  • Member of the Master Education Committee


  • Dissertation award 2009-2010, Netherlands Society for Neuropsychology


  • STW start up grant (2015) Wayfinder: Serious game voor navigatievermogen (40.000 Euro, with Michiel Claessen, Anne Visser-Meily, and Albert Postma)
  • ELS grant (2013) Selective attention and motor skills: A central mechanism in cognitive development? (15.000 Euro), co-applicant
  • ​Revalidatiefonds grant (2012) Ontwikkeling van training van navigatievaardigheden in CVA patiënten (20.998 Euro), co-applicant
  • ​Veni grant (2012) Keeping track of where you are: Order memory in spatial navigation (250.000 Euro), personal grant
  • ELS grant (2012) The early roots of developing visuospatial cognition: An embodied dynamic systems study in young children (55.000 Euro), co-applicant
  • ​Meerwaarde NWO grant (2011) Training navigation skills in virtual environments (40.000 Euro), primary applicant
  • NCU collaboration grant (2011) The Drum Languages of Senegal – a Neurolinguistic Perspective (68.000 Euro), co-applicant

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PhD candidates

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  • Miranda Smit, MSc
  • Milan van der Kuil, MSc
  • Anne Cuperus, MSc

Associate professor

  • Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen
  • Instituut Psychologie
  • Gezondheids, Medische- Neuropsychologie

Work address

Pieter de la Court
Wassenaarseweg 52
2333 AK Leiden



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