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Francianne Dos Santos Velho

External PhD Candidate

F. Dos Santos Velho
+31 71 527 2727

Francianne Dos Santos Velho is a lecturer and external Ph.D. candidate at the Centre for the Arts in Society.

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Fields of interest
Francianne’s trajectory is interdisciplinary, and multiculturality and her interests include Portuguese Speaking-World Language and Cultural Studies; Brazilian Cinema and Literature; Memory, Subjectivity and Identity; Postcolonial Studies; New Media and Popular Culture; Gender, Race, and Immigration Theories; Issues of Domesticity, Space and Mobility. 

Her current research project, Migrant Domestic Workers in Brazil and the Netherlands: Experiences, Sensibilities, and Narratives in Visual Culture, seeks to answer: How have the experiences, sensibilities, and narratives of migrant domestic workers been shaped nationally and transnationally in visual culture in a postcolonial globalized world? Looking at films and social media content, she will compare the discursive and aesthetic similarities in positionality and perspective in the representations of migrant domestic workers produced between the early 2000s to today in Brazil and the Netherlands. Despite their geographical, socio-cultural and -political, and historical differences, the Brazilian and the Dutch case provides a rich and complex understanding of the racialized, gendered, and migratory colonial history of labor relations, not only in developing countries. She will also explore the way the appearance and the development of different types of media, and the involvement of women and domestic laborers in production, and the dissemination of knowledge contribute to affirming themselves and their communities, identities, and subjectivities.

Institution: Leiden University, LUCAS
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Sybille Lammes, Dr. Sara Brandellero

Teaching activities
Portuguese language; Brazilian literature, film, and cultural studies.

Curriculum vitae
Francianne holds a Teaching degree in Portuguese and English Language and Literature from the Federal University of Parana, Curitiba, Brazil, and a Master of Arts in Latin American Studies from the University of Leiden with an emphasis on Cultural Analysis. She succesfully developed her thesis – cum laude – The  (Im)mobility  of  the  Brazilian  Maid  in  the  Movies Maids (2001) and The Second Mother (2015). She worked in the US as a Portuguese Language and Culture Teaching Assistant at Middlebury College in the Luso-Hispanic Department. Currently, she is also research assistant in the HERA project: Night spaces: migration, culture, and integration in Europe (NL).

External PhD Candidate

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Centre for the Arts in Society
  • Latijns-Amerikaanse L&C

Work address

Arsenaalstraat 1
2311 CT Leiden


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