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Elmer Veldkamp

University Lecturer Korean Studies

Dr. E. Veldkamp
+31 71 527 7233

Elmer Veldkamp is an anthropologist of Korea and Japan, who focuses on the collective and individual processes by means of which people make sense of changes and developments in their everyday lives.

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1994-1998 MA Japanese Studies (Leiden University)
1997-2000 MA Korean Studies coursework (Leiden University)
2002-2004 MA Cultural Anthropology (The University of Tokyo)
2004-2010 PhD Cultural Anthropology (The University of Tokyo)  

Description of my research

My research is concerned with the larger themes of significations of past and present, human views on their natural environment, and perceptions of lifestyle and everyday culture in East Asia (Korea and Japan). I pay particular attention to the way people perceive changes in these dimensions of the human experience, and how they make sense.
Currently, I am looking into national and civil efforts that attempt to safeguard recent memories and material culture for future generations, thereby extending existing discourses regarding the past as heritage into the future. Other research interests include authenticity and replication in museum exhibitions and future directions for collecting ethnographical materials, and cultural signification of humans and the natural environment.


BA Koreastudies
BA International Studies
MA International Relations

University Lecturer Korean Studies

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Leiden Institute for Area Studies
  • SAS Korea



  • Literatuur Vlaanderen Beoordelaar vertalingen Koreaans <> Nederlands
  • Expertisecentrum Literair Vertalen / Universiteit Utrecht Mentor vertaalontwikkeltraject Koreaans-Nederlands
  • Letterenfonds Beoordelaar vertalingen Koreaans <> Nederlands, literaire kwaliteit Koreaanse werken voor vertaling
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