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Dechun Zhang

PhD candidate / self funded

D. Zhang
+31 71 527 2727

Dechun Zhang is a PhD candidate / self funded at the Institute for Area Studies.

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Dechun Zhang’s 张德淳 (Dominic) research interest focuses on political communication, media and politics, journalism studies, and digital nationalism. His Ph.D. project, “Chinese nationalism in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis”, focuses on how the COVID-19 reshaped and influenced China’s digital nationalism. For instance, how the various interested actor express and perceive nationalism on different digital platforms and the differences in political ideology and expressions during, and after the COVID-19 crisis?

Supervisors: Dr. Florian Schneider and Dr. Yih-Jye Hwang

Curriculum Vitae

Before joining Leiden University, Dechun received from his master degree from the Erasmus Mundus program in Journalism Media and Globalisation at Aarhus University and University of Amsterdam (joint issued), research track is media and politics. His master thesis at the University of Amsterdam, entitled “Digital Nationalism on Weibo on the 70th Chinese National Day”, explores the digital nationalistic expression of solidarity and unity on China’s 70th National Day celebration in 2019. Also, he received his bachelor degree from Hong Kong Baptist University in International Journalism. He also gains academic training at The 10th International Joint Summer School 2018 in Media studies at Communication University of China, The 16th "International Relations Research Method Workshop” at Tsinghua University, Fudan Intensive Summer Teaching in Communication studies at Fudan University and LSE-PKU Summer School in Global Media Industries at Peking University.

Dechun also has journalism experience in Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Mainland China. He worked from EurAsia Info (Swiss) for one year as a journalist and interviewed Chairman of the Governing Board of the Swiss National Bank and Mayor of Zurich Corine Mauch during the Chinese President Xi’s state visit in Switzerland in 2017. He also worked as an intern journalist in China and World Highlights Press (Hong Kong), and intern Communication Assistant at The Charhar Institute. He is now an Associate Editor at Bahawalpur Journal of Media and Communication.


Journal Articles

  • Zhang, Dechun. 2020. "China’s Digital Nationalism: Search Engines and Online Encyclopedias." The Journal of Communication and Media Studies 5 (2): 1-19. doi:10.18848/2470-9247/CGP/v05i02/1-19.
  • Zhang, Dechun. 2017. "Analysis of the Social Media Development and False News Identification." Journal of News Research 11: 194-195.
  • Zhang, Dechun. 2017. "From Interaction to Compromise-Exploration and Reflection on the Construction of “Media Think Tank” in China." New Media Research 14: 97-98. Doi: 10.16604/j.cnki.issn2096-0360.2017.14.113
  • Zhang, Dechun. 2017. "How Can Printed Media Find a Way Out." Northern Literature 6: 192-192.
  • Zhang, Dechun. 2017. "Chinese Youth’s Perspectives on Flash Mobs and the Motivations for Joining Flash Mobs." Global Market Information Guide: 59-62.

Conference Articles

  • Digital Nationalism on Weibo on the 70th Chinese National DayFifth International Conference on Communication & Media Studies, Oct 1 to Oct 2, 2020 at University of Toronto, Canada
  • News Coverage on Pollution in ChinaSeventeenth International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic & Social Sustainability, Feb 24 to Feb 26, 2021 at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • China’s Digital Nationalism: Search Engines and Online Encyclopaedias. ECREA section conference on “Infrastructures and Inequalities: Media Industries, Digital Cultures and Politics”, 21-22 October 2019 at University of Helsinki, Finland

News Articles

  • Zhang, Dechun, (Feb, 2017), An Exclusive Interview with the Mayor of Zurich Corine Mauch|President Xi Jinping Visits to Switzerland as Opportunity to Enhance Kunming-Zurich 35 Years’ Friendship, published on EurAsia Info, https://www.eurasiainfo.ch/en/an-exclusive-interview-with-the-mayor-of-zurich-corine-mauchpresident-xi-jinping-visits-to-switzerland-as-opportunity-to-enhance-kunming-zurich-35-years-friendship/
  • Zhang, Dechun, (March 2017), Switzerland as a benchmark, innovation and promote the transformation and upgrading of China’s watches and jewelry industry, https://www.eurasiainfo.ch/en/switzerland-as-a-benchmark-innovation-and-promote-the-transformation-and-upgrading-of-chinas-watches-and-jewelry-industry/
  • Zhang, Dechun, (March, 2017), An Exclusive Interview with the Chairman of the Governing Board of the Swiss National Bank Dr. Thomas J. Jordan, published on EurAsia Info, https://www.eurasiainfo.ch/en/president-xi-jinping-visits-switzerland-to-promote-sino-swiss-economic-and-trade-cooperation-an-exclusive-interview-with-governor-of-the-swiss-national-bank-dr-thomas-j-jordan/
  • Zhang, Dechun, (June, 2017), JIN Zheng: “Belt and Road” Deepen Cooperation Between Yongkang and Europe, published on EurAsia Info.
  • Zhang, Dechun, (December, 2016), Say Goodbye to the Politicized Olympics, published on Hong Kong Magazine China and World Highlights.

Ancillary activities

  • Associate Editor at Bahawalpur Journal of Media and Communication
  • Member of International Communication Association
  • Member of Chinese Reportage Association

PhD candidate / self funded

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Leiden Institute for Area Studies
  • SAS China

Work address

Matthias de Vrieshof
Matthias de Vrieshof 3
2311 BZ Leiden


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