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Daniëlle Nieuwold

Mr. D. Nieuwold

Daniëlle Nieuwold is lecturer at the Department of Economics.

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  • Law and Economics

  • Corporate Law


  • LL.B. Tax Law, University of Leiden (April 2007)
  • LL.B. & LL.M. Notarial Law, University of Leiden (January 2009)
  • LL.B. & LL.M. Civil Law, University of Leiden (July 2010)
  • LL.M. Corporate Law, University of Leiden (July 2010)
  • LL.M. Tax Law, University of Leiden (July 2010)
  • Minor in Economics, University of Leiden (July 2010)
  • Basic Teaching Qualification, University of Leiden (2013)
  • The Notarial Professional Education Course, SBN/CPO (2011-2014)
  • Grotius Academy, Corporate and Business Law (2015) 

Current position

  • Candidate Civil-Law Notary DeHeng Civil Code N.V.
  • Business Advisory Board Member Enactus HHS 


  • Overige
  • Externen



  • DeHeng Civil Code N.V. Kandidaat-notaris
  • Stichting Enactus HHS Business Advisory Board Member

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