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Claudia Bouteligier

Traject Coordinator Honours College Law

Mr.dr. C. Bouteligier
+31 71 527 2727

Since April 2013 Claudia Bouteligier works as a lecturer and researcher at the department of Jurisprudence.

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C. (Claudia) Bouteligier LLM studied Law (BA) and received her LLM in Jurisprudence and Legal Philosophy, both at Leiden University. She was a junior lecturer at the department of Jurisprudence and a guest lecturer at the department of Legal Philosophy, where she developed and taught a course about Dostoevsky in the context of law, philosophy and literature. Currently she teaches the propaedeutic courses ‘Introduction to Law and Legal Skills’, ‘Basic Principles in Jurisprudence and Law’ and ‘Methodology and Research Techniques of Law’ and a part of the course ‘Law and Literature’.

Since January 2014 she is a lecturer and researcher at the department of Jurisprudence, where she is working on a dissertation concerning 'Law and Literature'. With reference to Buber, Dostoevsky and Sartre, this research re-examines core assumptions within this interdisciplinary field of study. From a personalistic perspective the question what the importance of literature can be for the law and everyone engaged with it (especially judges), is answered.

Traject Coordinator Honours College Law

  • Faculteit Rechtsgeleerdheid
  • Stafafdeling Onderwijs
  • Onderwijsbeleid

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