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Chao Li

PhD candidate

C. Li MSc
+31 71 527 4294

Streptomycetes are particularly prolific antibiotic producers with intertwining nutrient-sensory networks and control system of antibiotics production. Aminosugar play a vital role in the development and secondary metabolism of S. coelicolor. My work is centered on excavating the cryptic regulatory genes which involve in the metabolism of aminosugar and antibiotics production.

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Glc-6P, standig at the crossroads of C- and N- metabolism and developmental pathway of S. coelicolor, together with GlcNAc-6P, acts as an inhibitor of DasR which represses antibiotic production in Streptomyces. But as to how GlcN(Ac) is metabolized in Streptomytes, there are a lot of questions remaining. Using optimized Tn5 transposon, we have chances to discover the cryptic aminosugar metabolism related genes followed by further research such as learning their functions, and the regulatory networks they involve.

PhD candidate

  • Science
  • Instituut Biologie Leiden
  • IBL Microbial Sciences

Work address

Sylviusweg 72
2333 BE Leiden
Room number 4.5.19



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