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Bram Hoonhout

University Lecturer

Dr. B.M. Hoonhout
+31 71 527 8030

Bram Hoonhout is a University Lecturer at the institute for History.

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Fields of interest

  • Informal Atlantic networks
  • History of slavery
  • Imperial history
  • Global economic history
  • Great Divergence
  • Financial and economic crises


My work looks at the place of Dutch Guiana - in particular Essequibo and Demerara - in the Atlantic world from a transnational and inter-imperial perspective. While the division of the Atlantic world into clearly delineated empires suggests a strong form of “national” control, in practice the process of colonisation was much more fluid. My work seeks to show how actors in the colonies negotiated metropolitan orders and improvised ways to secure to maintain the colonial presence. Furthermore, it highlights the contributions of non-Dutch actors, as North American suppliers, Caribbean smugglers and Amerindian soldiers all played decisive roles in sustaining the colonial presence in Dutch Guiana. By showcasing the connections that transcended imperial borders, it aims to underline the integrated nature of the Atlantic world.


Courses on social and economic history, the Great Divergence, the development of the early modern world economy, early modern smuggling networks, financial and economic crises, and statistics for historians.

Curriculum vitae

BA + Research MA degree from Leiden University, PhD from the European University Institute in Florence, recipient of a Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds grant for research in Guyana, the Caribbean and the US. Additionally, I work as Education Programme Director of the N.W. Posthumus Institute, the inter-university research school in social and economic history in the Netherlands and Flanders. 

University Lecturer

  • Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen
  • Institute for History
  • Economische en Sociale geschiedenis

Work address

Johan Huizinga
Doelensteeg 16
2311 VL Leiden
Room number 2.06b



  • N.W. Posthumus Instituut Onderwijscoördinator

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