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Bola Khalil

B.A.A. Khalil MSc

Bola is a PhD candidate funded by H2020 DRUGtrain EU partnership project (Marie Curie fellowship) with a focus on Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). He is affiliated with both Leiden Academic Center for Drug Research (LACDR) and Janssen Pharmaceutica (Johnson & Johnson company), where he works as a computational chemist researcher in the research and development department. His primary objective is to study the applications of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and other computational tools, to maximize our understanding of Polycystic Kidney disease, identify and validate druggable targets, and potentially discover a repurposed / novel drug candidates. During the project, he gains access to large amounts of data, thanks to LACDR, Janssen and the DRUGtrain initiative, which considerably improves the performance of the computational approaches and encourages collaborative work. Prior to joining the DRUGtrain project, he finished his master’s degree in Drug Discovery and Development at the University of Vienna with an extension of Artificial Intelligence courses from Johannes-Kepler-Universität in Linz. Bola's MSc thesis project focused on the application of graph neural networks in drug candidates’ toxicity prediction. As an interdisciplinary researcher, he previously completed a Biotechnology research internship at the University of Tokyo in Japan, during which he acquired knowledge on a variety of biochemical techniques. He also worked for 6 years as a pharmaceutical organic chemistry tutor for pharmacy undergraduate students.

  • Science
  • Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research
  • LACDR/Medicinal Chemistry
  • No relevant ancillary activities
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