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Antonella Maiello

Assistant Professor

Dr. A. Maiello
+31 70 800 9991

Antonella Maiello expertise is at the interface of public administration and the governance of sustainability with attention to community engagement in service provision (water, waste and energy). She employs a field-work approach and qualitative techniques, and, before moving to the Netherlands, has extensively worked in the metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro. Her research concerns with the relation between democracy and sustainability with an eye from the global South. To explore it she focuses on participation and community-based experiments at the urban scale.

More information about Antonella Maiello

Antonella explores sustainability governance in the field of water and sanitation, but also of energy and waste. Currently, she is focusing on the scale of communities and on experimental practices of commons-based governance from a political and ethical point of view. While she focuses mainly on urban contexts, her research involves also peri-urban areas and rural municipalities. To investigate these territories, she mixes qualitative methods (e.g., ethnography) with quantitative techniques (e.g., multiple-correspondence).
Her research has been published in Environmental Science and Policy, Local Environment, Future, Water Policy, The Journal of Hydrology, Revista Brasileira de Adminsitração Pública, Revista de Política e Planejamento Regional.

Assistant Professor

  • Faculty Governance and Global Affairs
  • Instituut Bestuurskunde

Work address

Turfmarkt 99
2511 DP The Hague


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