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Antoinette Huijbers

Guest Researcher

Dr. A.M.J.H. Huijbers
+31 71 527 2727


Antoinette Huijbers does research into the Central Middle Ages of Northwestern Europe (900-1300 AD). Her special interest is in the study of coins, houses, farmyards and settlements from the countryside in relation to social and cultural processes in a broad sense. Furthermore, she is fascinated by theory formation in archaeology, sociology,  anthropology, geography and philosophy, especially as it relates to the built environment. Her research also focuses on textual and iconographic sources and their critical use.

Currently she is working on two studies. Firstly, a study on house building in the Central Middle Ages in the area between the North Sea, northern France and the river Elbe. This study focuses on the description and understanding of the variation and uniformity of houses in time and space from different perspectives. It is a comparative research based on a large dataset of house plans compiled between 2013 and 2021. She is also researching the political-economic, socio-economic and religious use of coins and money in the Central Middle Ages with archaeological and textual sources. 

Curriculum vitae

Antoinette Huijbers (Beek en Donk, the Netherlands, 1963) took her foundation course in archaeology at Leiden University in 1987-1988. She then studied medieval archaeology at the University of Amsterdam, where she also obtained her PhD in 2007. Between 2006 and 2010, she conducted research into group cultures in town and countryside in the later Middle Ages. Antoinette Huijbers is working at the archaeological and building history consultancy BAAC in 's-Hertogenbosch since 2015.

Guest Researcher

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  • World Archaeology
  • Historical Archaeology
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