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Antoine Coudard

External PhD candidate

A. Coudard
+31 71 527 2727

Antoine started as an external PhD researcher at the Industrial Ecology department of CML in September 2021

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Professional experience

Antoine received its BA&Sc in Sustainability from McGill University (Canada) in 2017 and an M.Sc. in Industrial Ecology from Leiden University & TU Delft (Netherlands) in 2019. His master thesis focused on food waste and urban food systems. 
Jointly with his position as an external PhD researcher, Antoine is a researcher at Metabolic Institute, a non-profit research think tank, based in Amsterdam. Since 2019, Antoine’s work crosses different fields such as sustainable food systems, circular strategies, system-thinking, sustainable engineering processes, environmental impact assessment, and circular urban metabolism.
In the last few years, Antoine has specialized in the bioeconomy, urban food systems, critical materials, and on the valorization of biomass secondary resources. Through his research and several EU-funded project (REFLOW, FoodE), Antoine has worked with leading international environmental NGOs, large international corporations, as well as regional authorities and a variety of European municipalities. 

Research topic

Antoine's interests are quite broad, but generally focuses on circular and regenerative bioeconomies, sustainable food systems, food systems' metabolism, and quantifying the impact and the pressures that society inflicts on these systems. For this, he uses a range of techniques, including mass/flow-balance models, life-cycle assessment, and a variety of sustainability metrics.

External PhD candidate

  • Science
  • Centrum voor Milieuwetenschappen Leiden
  • CML/Industriele Ecologie


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