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Andreea Geambasu

Educational and Research Staff Member

Dr. A. Geambasu
+31 71 527 2320

Fields of interest

  • Cognitive development
  • Speech perception and processing
  • Evolution of language capacities
  • Statistical- and rule learning
  • Language acquisition
  • Bilingualism
  • Phonetics and Phonology


I am studying language acquisition by investigating the abstract rule learning abilities of infants at different stages of development as well as the evolution of linguistic capacities across species (songbirds and humans), and how these capacities relate to perceptual, memory, and other cognitive constraints.

Curriculum vitae

2012-2016 - PhD Linguistics, Leiden University
2009-2011 - MSc Brain and Cognitive Science, University of Amsterdam
2009 - Technical editor, Acta Horticulturae
2008 - Romanian Language Specialist, Nuance Communications
2006-2010 - Romanian-English Translator, National Geographic Romania
2004-2007 - BA Linguistics, University of California, San Diego

Educational and Research Staff Member

  • Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen
  • Leiden Univ Centre for Linguistics
  • LUCL stafbureau

Work address

Cleveringaplaats 1
2311 BD Leiden
Room number 1.03



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