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Aagje Gosliga

PhD candidate

A.N. Gosliga
+31 71 527 2166

Aagje Gosliga is a PhD candidate at LUCAS, and provides art historical research services through her business 'Gosliga Kunsthistorisch onderzoek'.

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Fields of interest

  • Art history 
  • Decorative arts 
  • Historic interiors 

Description of my research

My PhD focuses on the contribution of upholsterers (‘kamerbehangers’ in Dutch) to interior spaces between 1680 and1810. Although they were among the most highly paid artisans contributing to interior decoration, no extensive research has yet been published on upholsterers in Holland. The eighteenth-century upholsterer was a gentleman merchant, who made the upholstery for chairs, beds, and wall hangings. He also rented out furniture for special occasions, and was called upon to decorate important social events, such as weddings. The upholsterer provided his clients with interior decorations in the latest fashion, which he actively promoted. This raises questions about the relationship between consumers and producers in the process of creating an important tool of social status and representation: a new interior. 
My research therefore analyzes the respective roles of Dutch upholsterers and their clients in interior decoration, and examines the interior decorations from this period that have been preserved. By combining this approach with questions concerning the material aspects of these products, my research will also offer practical knowledge for their conservation. The organization of the upholsterer’s workshop and guild will also be explored.

PhD supervisors

  • Prof. dr. Reinier Baarsen


External PhD candidate, Leiden University 

MA Museum curatorship, University of Amsterdam 

MA Museum studies, University of Amsterdam

PhD candidate

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Centre for the Arts in Society
  • CAS diversen

No relevant ancillary activities

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