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Leiden Institute for Brain and Cognition

Membership LIBC

All brain and/or cognition researchers from Leiden University or the LUMC are most welcome to join the LIBC!


  • Access to infrastructure such as MRI scanners, EEG set-ups and the Babylab, rely on colleagues with relevant expertise
  • Interdisciplinary research is facilitated by connections to colleagues from different faculties
  • Apply for LIBC grants


  • You are an employee of Leiden University or LUMC
  • Your research field is related to brain and/or cognition
  • You will list LIBC as one of the (additional) affiliations on your publications about brain and cognition
  • You will provide data for the LIBC annual report, such as a list of publications, grants etc.
  • You will attend the yearly LIBC symposium (including presenting your research during this symposium, occasionally)
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