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Julia Cramer Group - Quantum and Society

The research group ‘Quantum and Society’ explores the boundary between quantum technology and science communication.

Research into the social impact of quantum technology on society is of high relevance. Understanding the concerns, questions and acceptance of societal groups will help promote, understand and improve societal engagement in quantum technology. We want to know what kind of communication specific groups in society need and expect, which communication methods fit their needs, and how the quantum technology can benefit society in an effective way. The Quantum and Society research group aims to increase social involvement, both of the quantum community towards society and the other way around. The group participates in Quantum Delta NL's Living Lab Quantum and Society.  

Research within the Quantum and Society group focusses on the societal attitude towards quantum computers, metaphors and interpretation of ‘quantum’, quantum literacy, quantum for IT professionals and the distinction in the perception of quantum technology between developers, direct target groups and social groups. 

Group leader Julia Cramer has a background in experimental quantum physics and science communication research and is active in practical outreach in various forms.

Key papers

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