Universiteit Leiden

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Analytical BioSciences

Our ambition is to develop innovative and high-performance analytical strategies for metabolomics-driven systems pharmacology in personalized medicine.

We envision that personalized medicine and health care will be realized through the integration of adequate systems-based diagnosis approaches together with novel treatment strategies, optimized to and for a single individual. A personalized therapeutic approach relies on the identification of systematic changes during the onset and progress of a disease, leading to a tailor-made and efficient diagnosis and prognosis. We believe that personalized medicine can be achieved with large-cohort studies involving multiple patient samples, or in-vitro/ex-vivo samples such as stem cell derived in-vitro models. We are convinced that personalized health care can be possible only with cross-disciplinary efforts and translational collaboration, as well as standardized procedures.

The division actively participates in the BSc and MSc program of Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences, providing the students with adequate knowledge in modern bioanalytical chemistry and personalized medicine for building tomorrow's leading researchers.