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Bio-informatics lab

On the basis of the characteristic aspects of a picture, certain computers can tell us what the picture is showing. They can learn this in the same way that young children are able to learn to recognize images. Further improving these techniques opens the way to a whole range of new applications. Biology and (bio) medical sciences offer numerous applications for computer science. We are pleased to work alongside biologists and medical scientists in identifying smart solutions for medical applications. Now and in the future, computers will be decisive in fighting a whole raft of diseases.

The bio-informatics lab aims at strengthening biological, medical, behavioral research with innovative computational, mathematical and artificial intelligence technologies. The research of the bioinformatics group focuses on research methods and workflows for analyzing, modelling and semantically integrating biomedical data. They are involved in multiple initiatives to develop multiple initiatives to develop methods and infrastructure for FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) data, in order to increase the value of research results and to address the growing analysis bottleneck. Another research area of the group is in biopolymer sequence analysis, which focuses on bioinformatics identification of functional structures in non-coding RNAs and viral RNA genomes. This work is done in close collaboration with wet bench research laboratories. 

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