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Centre for Computational Life Sciences (CCLS)

Events 2022

The CCLS seminars take place on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 16 hrs, unless otherwise announced.


Please email for more detailed information or contact your local CCLS representative. 

Events 2022


24 June, 14-17 hrs.:  CCLS Matchmaking event @ FooBar, Snellius Building

On June 24 from 14 to 17 hrs, the Leiden Centre for Computional Life Sciences (CCLS) organizes a matchmaking event for researchers (PhD and higher up) from the Faculty of Science.

The goal of the event is to enhance crossover collaboration between different disciplines and to find suitable funding.

This event will give you the opportunity to show who you are, what your research entails and what you are looking for to get further.

At the event, project officers from the LIACS Project Office will give a presentation about the possibilities for funding interdisciplinary research within a European context.

The event will be followed by drinks, where we hope to raise a glass to exciting new ventures!


10 May, 16:00 hrs.: Jenke ScheenPhD Student at The University of Edinburgh.

Title: Data-driven Generation of Perturbation Networks for Relative Binding Free Energy Calculations

Find more information here

8 March, 16:00 hrs: Stefan Semrau - LION
TitlePhiclust: a clusterability measure for single-cell transcriptomics reveals phenotypic subpopulations.

Location: De Sitter Zaal (Huygens Building); following the seminar drinks will be served at the Science Club (Gorlaeus Lecture Hall).

Abstract: The ability to discover new cell phenotypes by unsupervised clustering of single-cell transcriptomes has revolutionized biology. Currently, there is no principled way to decide whether a cluster of cells contains meaningful subpopulations that should be further resolved. In this presentation I will introduce phiclust, a clusterability measure derived from random matrix theory that can be used to identify cell clusters with non-random substructure, testably leading to the discovery of previously overlooked phenotypes

22 February Vincent Merckx - Naturalis 





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