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Research project

Tailored care for children at high risk for problem behaviour


This project is aimed at identifying children who are at risk for developing extreme problem behaviour and providing advice adapted to the specific capabilities of each child. Therefore, providing preventative and customized help is possible. 

Our target groups are the under-aged siblings of offenders, children from mainstream schools where teachers have concerns about the child, and children with serious truancy. For these children we use our screening for social learning. The first part of the screening is aimed to determine the degree of risk for developing problem behaviour. When the first screening reveals that children show externalizing problem behaviour, the extended, second screening is used to identify the capabilities of the child with regard to social learning. Our screening is based on recent scientific findings, neuropsychological tasks, and also psychophysiology is part of our screening. 

The Department of Clinical Child and Adolescent Studies collaborates with the Preventive Intervention Team of the Social Service Department, part of the municipality Amsterdam.

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