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PhD project

The infrastructure of news: Newsroom ethnography in Chile

Research on the process and construction of news stories about human rights issues in Latin American newspapers.

2016 - 2020
Tomás Dodds Rojas

This research examines the process of news production inside two mass media newsrooms in Chile. Using newsroom ethnography, this study aims to understand how newsmakers are appropriating digital technologies and how these innovations are transforming the infrastructure, temporality, and form of the newsmaking process in Chile.

This research will be carried out in two Chilean news media; La Tercera, a newspaper, and Canal 13, a television station. Both companies have a long history in Chile and the transformations they have undergone are related to both political and social reasons. The companies’ owners’ investments with the dictatorship regime in the 80´s, as well as the economic conglomerates that are tied to members of the conservative political parties within Chile have influenced the development of the media outlets they control. Moreover, the different formats with which these media operate will allow to observe how new technologies are impacting the infrastructure, temporality and the forms with which these media tell the news. Newsrooms are appropriating these technologies, but doing so within the existing media infrastructure, temporalities, and forms.

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