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Research project

Mathematical modelling of advanced herbal extraction

Can the (industrial) herbal extraction process be mathematically described and can this model be used to optimize the extraction in terms of quality and economical parameters?

2016 - 2018
Sander Hille

Mathematical Institute Leiden University


Institute of Biology

Herbal extraction is a key in application of plants for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food applications. Extraction processes include different steps, and the final compounds/extracts are widely used in different (medicinal) applications. Standard quality of the extracts and cost efficiency of the extraction process are two very important aspects in the industrial process. Small improvements in one or more steps of the extraction process can result in a substantial cost reduction and quality improvement. Testing small improvements in a running large industrial plant is very difficult. Therefore, alternative methods are necessary. This project aims at a mathematical description of the extraction process (chain) to be able to understand the different processes and be able to predict effects of changes in parameters involved. This will be done with the help of experiments using a small scaled model of an industrial plant. 

In the project, all different steps of the extraction and purifying process will be mathematically modelled based on physical and chemical properties. Each model part will be challenged and validated by experimental work using a scaled model of an extraction and compound purification plant.

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