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Research project

Chinese herbal plants in the Hortus botanicus of Leiden University

Education in (Chinese) Medicinal Plants associated to the Hortus botanicus in Leiden - Which Traditional Chinese Medicinal plants can be grown in the Hortus? - Establishing of a database which Chinese medical plants are available in Dutch Botanical Gardens - Data validation (correct identification, origin of plants (wild, cultivated, conservation status using IUCN categories)

2017 - 2018
Paul Kessler

Institute of Biology

Cultivation of Chinese herbal drugs and their  traditional medicinal usages will be presented in a booklet for the general Hortus public.

In this project we develop a common booklet on Chinese medical plants including their Chinese, English and Dutch names. In addition,  we would like to extend the activities not only to a booklet but also to an (outdoor) exhibition on medicinal plants. In joint  research activities between the project partners we aim to  explain the History of Chinese medicinal plants and its modern impact and use. People could see the living plants as well as photos of dried ones and the actual medicines including the processes and studies of modern scholars (like molecular identification, DNA fingerprinting, compound analysis etc. of that subject).

The garden has realized a Chinese Herb garden a few years ago and would like to make better use of it. Outreach to our scientists, students and general public is very important to us.

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